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White Wave Design

White Wave Design

83 Ontario St., Mitchell ON
White Wave Design


“I like wordplay, and my given name can mean ‘fair’, ‘yielding’ or ‘white wave’,” says Jennifer Grimminck, the owner of White Wave Design, the Benjamin Moore paint and decorating store in downtown Mitchell. As a four-year employee of the former Interior Expectations, Jenny offered to buy the business when the owner moved down to Brantford and found the commute too challenging. “The first winter settled it for him.”

The Big Idea

“I floated the idea of buying him out last summer (2016) and made a formal offer in the fall,” she says, now days before her May 11 re-launch under the new name. “I enjoyed working here, had good relationships with the customers, and got excited about taking over the business. I had my ‘What was I thinking?’ moments but was more excited about what I would change.”

Specifically, Jenny, a qualified Interior Decorator, and her key employee Interior Designer, Misty Zaranik, have expanded the Benjamin-Moore store to offer a wider range of flooring, counter surfaces and window shades. “But mostly, the change is the range of decorating services we are offering.”

What They’re Doing

With the advantage of an established clientele and lots of local good will, Jenny’s catchment is generally within a ½-hour drive of the town, but extends as far as cottages around Grand Bend. “People used to just call this ‘the paint store’ so we’re pretty entrenched, but helping customers with the décor and design is the exciting part. I think of what we do as ‘Small town feel, fresh new ideas.’”

Perth Community Futures

Jenny first approached PCF about financing to buy the business and they referred her to the Stratford Perth Centre for Business to work on her business plan. “It took six months to get organized on top of working full-time in the store,” she says. “And then we arranged a seven-year business loan for the purchase and renovations.”

Going forward:

Jenny will be looking for more new product lines to offer and will shift her marketing to social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, her website, “and Pinterest, naturally. I find that the best approach in those channels is not to

push products, but share personal stories about projects, experiments and trends.”