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Let us help finance the next stage of your success.

We provide loans for business start-up, stabilization and expansion in the Perth County region up to $250,000.

Our organization is not in competition with other financial institutions. Rather, we compliment them – and, in fact, we often work collaboratively with banks across Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys to find financing solutions for local entrepreneurs.

In order to qualify for a loan you must have already explored traditional financing services first.

Should traditional financing be either insufficient or not available, we may be able to offer a lending solution.

Loans may be used to:

  • Purchase or lease a building
  • Purchase or lease equipment
  • Provide cash flow for a start-up or expansion

To apply, give us a call and set up and appointment. To speed up the process you may fill out  the forms outlined below and bring them to your appointment.

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Loan Types

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General Financing
Loans of up to $300,000 for qualifying startups and SMEs.
Manufacturing Innovation
Loans to support collaborative R&D and innovation.
Social Enterprise
Loans to empower not-for-profit organizations who want to create or expand sustainable social enterprises.
Accessibility Loan
Financing renovations and updates to your facility to meet and exceed Accessibility Standards.
Newcomer Loan
Financing tailored to meet the unique challenges to newcomer entrepreneurs to Canada.
Cultural Sector Loan
Financing for artists and artisans.
Ready Money
Quick cash or short-term loans up to $20,000.
Financing up to $500,000 for innovation-driven enterprises in Southern Ontario.

Loan Application Process

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We understand that it takes money to grow, so whether you are looking to start your own business, update or expand an existing business or are simply in need of support for business maintenance, we have the right loan for you. With financing and technical advice, we are here to help your business thrive. We can provide loans for new entrepreneurs wanting to start a business, to help with the purchase of an established business, to expand an existing business or provide working capital for stabilization.

Business Loan Requirements:

Businesses applying for loans must be located in Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys. As with any application for business financing, a certain amount of detail will be necessary both on the loan application and through supporting documentation.

Please provide the following information:
Other information we will require:
  • Cash Flow Projections: Cash Flow Forecast
  • If purchasing land or building, a signed Offer to Purchase, conditional on financing
  • Detailed listing of equipment and inventory to be purchased
For existing businesses, please also attach:
  • The past 3 years financial statements and/or Revenue Canada Statement of Business Activities (Form T2125)
  • Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment (T2 for Corporations)
  • HST Return for Registrants (Form GST 34)
  • Statement of Account for Current Source Deductions (Form PD7A)
  • List of your current Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Detailed listing of equipment and inventory owned
  • Articles of Incorporation and/or Trade Name registration
Personal Net Worth Statement:
  • Personal Net Worth Statement for each applicant (partner(s) and/or spouse)
  • Proof of assessment value of home (MPAC Property Tax assessment and/or residential appraisal report)
  • Copies of Bank statements supporting account and investment balances and loan/mortgage amounts
  • Personal income tax returns for 2 years together with Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment
  • Other information to confirm balances on statements
  • Résumé(s) of partners/shareholders
  • Other documentation as deemed necessary and requested after initial submission

How we evaluate applications

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How we evaluate loan applications:

All financing decisions are made at the community level by our local Board of Directors, made up of entrepreneurs and experts in their field.

The following criteria may be taken into consideration when reviewing loan applications:

  • Purpose of the financing request
  • Reasonable expectation of economic viability
  • Creation or maintenance of jobs
  • Client character including credit history
  • Qualifications of the owners and/or managers
  • Personal investment or financial commitment
  • Security offered to protect the investment


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