116 Downie St, Suite 1
Stratford, ON

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Pie Hole Pizza

Pie Hole Pizza

75 Wellington St, Stratford, ON N5A 2L3
(519) 305-7575
Pie Hole Pizza

Meet Jessie! 

She's the owner of Pie Hole Pizza - Stratford's newest pizza joint. Jessie isn't new to the entrepreneurship journey - she also owns The Red Rabbit, Old Man & Son, Pollo Morta, and finally - Pie Hole Pizza. Jessie has worked with Perth CFDC for her restaurant endeavours beginning in 2015 with the opening of The Red Rabbit.

She explains that her team had dreams and aspirations for the culinary scene in Stratford but traditional lenders were weary of funding restaurants in the area. The Perth CFDC was integral to the group of restaurants growth and allowed for expansion at a rapid pace.

After enduring 2-years of the pandemic, Jessie states that they're still here serving delicious food for Stratford residents and beyond. She's grateful for the Perth CFDC's ability to lend to small businesses who need it.

Check out their website & order some yummy pizza for dinner tonight!